Group Runs & Training Schedules


Who Runs

We Run welcomes anyone who wants to join us. Just be sure to sign at the check in table.

What We Run

We Run on roads, urban trails, technical trails and everything in between. We Run group runs also adhere to our house rule of NO RUNNER LEFT BEHIND. Everyone is welcome, whether you run, interval, or walk. Join us for one of our weekly runs and put the fun in your run!

Why We Run

We Run Owner's Brian and Kris' lives were transformed by eating healthier and getting active.  Learn more about Brian's story on the about We Run page. In a nut shell, Brian was encouraged to start running at 374 lbs and lost over 200 lbs in total. Passing along their experiences and lessons learned has now become a passion and driving force behind We Run.

When We Run

*Wednesday and Tuesday group runs are generally one hour and we will run an out and back route on the trail with runners going 2-6.5 miles depending on desired distance and pace. 

Where We Run

We Run will have various group runs for local events and just for the run of it. The runs will typically start and end at We Run locations in North Liberty and Cedar Rapids with refreshments provided after the run. 

How We Run

Safety first:  Runners must bring their own water, reflective gear and head lamp (after dusk) on route. 

Sign our waiver: We Run needs your John Hancock to ensure you acknowledge responsibility for yourself.

Cancellation Policies

During Winter: If temp is below 0 the group run will be cancelled.

During Summer: If temp/humidity level is above 97 degrees group run will be cancelled. 


All cancellations will be posted on the We Run Calendar page and Facebook page.

We Run training schedules

Need a training plan? We Run has training plans that are 100% easy to edit to fit your needs. Training schedules range from 5K-50K. Running the CRANDIC this April, check out our 5K, 1/2, and marathon plans that have been predated to get you to the finish. 

WE RUN couch to 5K Training Plan (xlsx)


We Run 10k Training Schedule (xlsx)


We Run Half Training Schedule (xlsx)


We Run 25K Training Schedule (xlsx)


We Run Marathon Training Schedule (xlsx)


We Run 50k beginner's plan (xlsx)


CRANDIC Couch To 5K Training Schedule (xlsx)


CRANDIC Half Training Schedule (xlsx)


CRANDIC Marathon Training Schedule (xlsx)


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